FEATURES: Akuchi, Davolee, Burna Boy, Phyno

PRODUCERS: 2kriss, Pheelz, Young John, Sossick, Paul Clever Lee, Major Bangz

GENRE: Rap, Trap

RELEASE DATE: 26th December 2016


After the release of his previous album “EYAN MAYWEATHER”, Olamide played a fast one in releasing his 6th studio album. Although it was announced, it was not really expected and welcomed by most fans. Everything seemed to have happened fast. He tags “THE GLORY” album a street tape. As the name goes, it was like a story of his past to the present, hardship and success only that it was done in a rap art. It was a great album, but not literally the best. here is a review of the tracks below…

The Glory (Intro)

In this track we are reminded of who Olamide is, the flash of punches like Tyson in his prime. It would surely leave you anticipating what to expect from the album. It is like the wrapper to a beautiful gift and you can’t wait unwrap. Produced by @Dwillsharmony.

Letter To Milli

This track is obviously an advice to his son, Milli. Olamide took this to heart, poured out some truth to his son and to every young chap dreaming and hoping to be great in the future. The interlude really passed on the message as he gave the candid advice “you can’t think like everybody if you don’t want to be like everybody”. A song of hope, belief and faith. Track was produced by Pheelz.

Journey Of A Thousand Miles

This track reminds me of Olamide of YBNL. Typical Baddo style when he grew into himself and established his style. This track is about his journey really, how he chose a path different from that of his peers and the obstacles he had to overcome. The word plays in this track were on point (even though there was not much of that), nevertheless it was alright. Produced by Pheelz

Underground ft Akuchi

I like the hook to this track “I move underground like El Chapo”, Lol. This track sounds like trap music and Olamide did not disappoint, he exchanged punches with the beat and I must say it was evenly matched. Amazing track for those always in the mood, (If you know what I mean). Akuchi also brought the usual vibe to it, track worthy of repeat on the album. Produced by Its_HOD


Pepper Dem Gang Ft Davolee

Olamide featured his newly signed act, Davolee on this track and the dude didn’t sound like a rookie at all. Lots of fans are already calling this a hit single off the album. Baddo had to infuse some commercial/danceable song at one point and this track did not disappoint. This song would have you off your seats in no time and worthy of a repeat for many more hours too. Track produced by YoungJonn

Lori Titi Yi

With @Segun_Wire making waves on Instagram, trust Olamide to always get inspiration from the streets. Vocals from the 8-year old internet breakout star made the song funny too, apart from that it was the usual Olamide vibe except some flashes of his innuendos and confidence as the Baddo. The Voice of the street continued to lay claim to the crown of the street and it seems nobody can contest for the crown just yet. Produced by Pheelz

Grind Ft So Sick

This track is not a high tempo song just a mellow track of someone in some kind of cloud. Olamide delivered his lines like he’s chilling in the midst of his friends sharing a story while sipping and smoking. It’s a song about dreams, ambitions and how people would try to belittle your dreams and discourage you. Dope track especially for the few conscious fans of Olamide. The song featured and was produced by So Sick.


YoungJonn really is wicked, he has shown how diverse he can be with the different genres of songs he has produced. Olamide once again went in about the hustle, the environment and all the likes. He talks about community issues and how you would always try to fit in even if you were meant to be different.

Be Mine

This is surely a love song if you guessed it, trying to woo his girl and making her blush. Olamide the Baddo we know on the dope rap tracks is also dishing out some lines that would make any girl rethink why she’s with her current boyfriend. The flow, the lyrics, the beat, the wordplay, everything was just in sync. Big ups to Pheelz, awesome job.

Oluwa Loni Glory

Baddo delivered this one like he usually does, the chorus was straight to the point and the message was basically don’t look down on anybody. All Glory goes to God, Oluwa Loni Glory. Nuff Said. Produced by Paulcleverlee.

Omo Wobe Anthem Ft Burna Boy

The single off the album definitely did the job. People were hyped with this track and the fact that Burna was on the project made it more anticipating. What else? Produced by Pheelz

Owo Blow

This song has been released like a few months before the album was even announced. We surely don’t have much to say about this track, just action packed like Ogogo. Lol Produced by Majorbangz

Symbol Of Hope

This is one of my major tracks of this album, Olamide showed that he’s still a rapper in case some were still curious. The flows and vibe really made this track one for repeat. I would not have believed it if Olamide hasn’t mentioned 2Kriss as the producers, they delivered especially with the effects. Typical Nigerian rap track, dope!

Who You Epp Ft Wande Coal and Phyno

What else can we say about this track than Who you Epp? Lol.

Sons of Anarchy ft Burna Boy and Phyno

Olamide was assisted with OluwaBurna and Phyno on this track and with the lineup you surely know this is fire. Burna Boy killed the track with the hook, he came through. Phyno did just the needful, with his sleek voice and lyrics he definitely held it down for the East. Although a short track which would want to make you want to repeat it, it is a track that needs a video asap. Produced by Pheelz

2Baba Zone

We are on the last track so quick? This album is that good and interesting to listen to, no track skipped. This song is a bonus but I feel it should have been more than that, maybe because it’s a freestyle hence the title 2Baba Zone. For anybody that knows 2Baba you would know that the Legend likes to freestyle, and Olamide delivered. He wanted to sound like 2Baba but we get the message even if he didn’t pull it off.
This album is a rap album every rap fan should get, it’s not only because there’s rap in it but that there’s the switch and the diversity of a rapper. Olamide once again showed that he can do this for years to come, making his last album look like child’s play.

No doubt the glory album production was great, with a nice album art, good concept and all that, but listening to pure rap back to back can be tiring. For the fact he aimed at conveying a message and also did that fully to listeners understanding, datz a big plus!