SONG TITLE: Weh Done Sir

GENRE: World

RELEASE DATE: 13th January 2017



Few days after the release of this track, many have got attracted to the slang “WEH DONE SIR” and pose associated to it. With thousands of viral and insta videos striking the pose with captions. This is indeed a street hop (popular slang) and of cos the first Street hop in 2017!

Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz is one artist whose fame and music impact would be described as magical in the music industry.
Many struggling artists would wonder how he grew such a large fan base in the short period of time of his music career, some would say he has got financial help that’s why it was easy for him; but the trick is simple, it’s all about being UNIQUE. Falz has proven to have a different sound, and an accent that distinguishes him from every other artist, you see, it’s a big selling point – being someone no one is but a lot would like to be. That’s the beauty of the music industry, every artist with his style and uniqueness.
80% of the songs released by our beloved Falz have got an outstanding listening audience including the fiery jam that got people slashing their hands towards their face and uttering “WEH DONE SIR…” yes, it’s not dance hall but you can’t help nodding your head or striking the pose associated with the song whenever it’s on play.
The lyrics used in this song may sound funny but on a closer look it’s what happening in reality most people feel ignorant about. The part that got me moved was when he talked about our religious leaders, it’s a blind truth many worshipers fail to see.
Sess was also a big contributor to the success of this track following up every line of the lyrics with matching sounds. I may not know much on production but sounds like this are rare.